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I have an offer to study History and Political Economy at KCL for this year, trying to switch to Political Economy. But I want to do economics so political economy is pretty much the same thing but more my cup of tea. So anyway I wanna do economics at uni and do my masters. In the event I don’t do my masters I’ll probably go into investment banking. Would this degree whether it’s with/without history help me get into it and get a good job with a good salary or should I change.

I was also looking at taking a gap year and looked at doing BAEcon at the uni of Manchester so how would this be at my chances. If I did take a gap year I’d also look at applying at UCL for HPE which I was rejected by on results day. Economic History at LSE. History and Political Economy at KCL. Political Economy at KCL. Modern History with Economics at Uni of Manchester. BAEcon at uni of Manchester.Economics at St Andrews. Econ/Econ & Politics at Edinburgh/Glasgow and maybe Birmingham or Exeter.

Side note I got A*AB at A-Level

So can you help me please In whether I should stay and do History and Political Economy at KCL or take a gap year and go Manchester or any of the other uni’s and how they each would help me get into economics or investment banking as a career as it’s something I love and would like to get into. I feel as if History and Political Economy may not help me gain a career in economics or IB but maybe pure political economy might or economics elsewhere so help would be greatful!
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