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Manchester liberal arts offer holders 2023

I got an unconditional offer for Liberal Arts at Manchester yesterday & I'm really happy because it was my top choice! (Offer only unconditional because I sat my A-levels last year don't worry).

Just wanted to post and see if there's anyone else on here with an offer / applied because I haven't been able to find anything anywhere else!

I mainly want to focus on politics and the crossover between psychology and AI :smile:
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Original post by eleanor132
Hi, I'm thinking of applying to start in sep 2024. I also want to take modules in politics but found the website kinda unclear about which subjects you could take modules from. Do you know if you are able to take a wide variety of politics modules?

Hi! I actually emailed them about this before I applied haha, I'll just post the response I got here :smile:

"Thank you for your enquiry about our Liberal Arts programme.

I’m afraid that Politics can’t be studied as a minor as Politics belongs to the School of Social Sciences and we can only offer subjects from our own School School of Arts, Languages and Culture as minors, eg Liberal Arts with French. The Liberal Arts programme allows students to take a maximum of 40 credits in any one subject area in any one year; you would be able to take 40 credits of Politics each year, but it wouldn’t be counted as a minor in terms of your degree title you would graduate with BA (Hons) Liberal Arts.

Below is a list of the Politics modules that were on offer for 2022-2023; codes beginning with ‘1’ are Year 2, ‘2’ are Year 2, ‘3’ are Year 3. The last digit in the code tells you which semester it runs in; if the code ends in ‘0’, it means that the module runs across both semesters. A list of modules available for 2023-2024 won’t be available until around next May."

The guy who emailed me also sent me a spreadsheet of all the 2022-23 modules if you want me to send that to you? Just PM me your email address if so and I'll send it over.

Best of luck for your UCAS!!

Amy x
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University of Manchester
University of Manchester
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Original post by eleanor132
Thanks so much!!!
I'll send you my email.
Are you currently studying at Manchester or are you about to start?
If you have already done first year how did you find it?

Thanks, I've sent you the spreadsheet. I'm about to start in September, but the offer holder day earlier this year was great and I'm really looking forward to getting started :smile:
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i’m also starting lib arts in septemebr 2023! what accom are you in?
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Original post by a7icc3
i’m also starting lib arts in septemebr 2023! what accom are you in?

i’m in denmark road!! what about you?:smile:
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