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"In my eyes, Bradford has a huge reputation in producing great filmmakers."

Donnie graduated from the University of Bradford after studying MA Filmmaking. He is now enjoying the career he's dreamt of since he was a teenager, helping to produce top shows for companies like the BBC and Netflix amongst other exciting freelance work.

This is his story.


Passionate about film
I always knew I wanted to work in film and TV. My father used to make family movies and I was fascinated by what he was doing with his camera and how he'd edit the pieces together.

The course at Bradford stood out because of the connections with the TV and film industry. In my eyes, Bradford has a huge reputation in producing great filmmakers.

Hands-on experience
The course is very practical, you learn on the job.

There were more practical modules than there was theory, and I loved that we could just get stuck in making a lot of films and learning as we went along, either individually or working as part of a team.

The tutors are real experts and just nice people to be around, they've worked in the industry at places like the BBC, so it was a dream come true to be taught by them.

I had access to a TV talk show set and green screen studio on campus, and all the latest industry equipment at my disposal. My favourite camera to use was the Blackmagic, URSA Mini 4K camera.

Creative projects added to my experience
My final MA project was an amazing adventure. A music video commissioner, who was a guest lecturer at the University, gave me the opportunity to produce a music video for a London band called PEAKS. It was such an honour and an amazing project to be involved in.

My journey after graduation
After graduating, the University helped me secure a job making corporate films.

I received a call from the Working Academy at the University, which gives students work opportunities, who asked me if I'd like to help out with producing weekly films for Bradford Teaching Hospitals. I jumped at the chance. After that, I worked with local companies as a freelance camera operator and editor, mainly making corporate films. Bradford Film Office then helped me get my first work experience in drama, where I worked on a BBC show called Better.

Then, it all happened! The contacts I made during making that show have called me back when they've needed an extra pair of hands, and I've also had the chance to work as a camera trainee on a Netflix show.

Strong professional network
All of my contacts and work have come through the University. I met the cinematographer of Game of Thrones through the University, who has become like a mentor and idol to me.

Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities Bradford gives you to practice making brilliant films and improve your skills with people who've worked to the top of the industry. You're learning from the best.

If you have any questions about our Filmmaking course please do let us know :smile:

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