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Alevel English lit revision methods

Hi, does anyone have any materials/ recommendations for revising alevel English literature for the mocks?
I am studying AQA - Wuthering heights, love poetry post 1900s and othello
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Hey, I've just finished my English a levels so here are my tips - I also did WH and post 1900 poetry :smile:

i'd recommend having a look at the website massolit - you have to pay, but i just got multiple free trials by using different emails each time lol. It has a lot of interesting lectures which analyse Wuthering Heights in particular, and I'd guess Othello (I didn't do that Shakespeare though). Maybe not for the mocks, but I'd definitely recommend beginning to read criticism for each text (i used the reader's guide to practical criticism) as preparation for the real deal. Other things I did was make quizlet flashcards for quotes, especially Shakespeare as you don't get the text, but it's worth memorising some from WH too, there's nothing more stressful than searching for a particular quote in a huge unannotated text in the exam room lol. With the WH and poetry question, practice planning essays for literally any type of love you can think of.

Hope that's helpful, good luck! :smile:
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Thank you so much that's great help :smile:

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