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choral scholarships at oxford

i'm looking to apply to oxford, and my choice of college will largely be based around its choral provision, as i am also looking to apply for a choral scholarship. i understand that different choirs have different commitment levels, with some doing a service a week whereas others do a service every day - however, i haven't been able to find much info on how this differs from college to college. would anyone be able to shed any light onto which college choirs require the most commitment vs the least?
thanks :smile:
Hi!! I applied for the choral scholarship when I applied to Oxford a couple of years ago and I definitely remember there being a table on some website which had it all summarised. If not, then I suggest you just shortlist what colleges offer your course and the choral scholarship and just visit their individual pages to find their rehearsal schedules.
The choral foundations (New, Magdalen, and Christ Church) have services everyday (or at least, male voice services everyday). I'd guess Worcester and Queens have the next highest amount (around 4 services per week), and then it dwindles down from there! :smile:

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