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how do you deal with regret (uni choice)?

Hi, thanks for reading the post. A few years ago I turned down my Oxford offer and firmed a London uni instead. It was a really difficult decision at the time too, but I still haven't got over it and I don't think it's healthy for me. If anyone has made a major decision in their life that they regret, particularly to do with school/uni/careers, would you please share your experience with me and advice on moving forward?

For some context, the reason for me turning down Oxford to begin with was financial. Thanks to Brexit the tuition fees would have been very high anywhere, and I only had a scholarship for my London uni (second choice). My Dad lives in central London so I'd also save on rent.

The reason for my regret is mainly around the fact that my perception of my family's financial situation (& about life in general lol) was really naive nd mistaken. From the conversations I'd had with my parents when I was applying for my scholarship, I'd assumed that it would be very difficult for them to afford Oxford, whereas I found out later they could have afforded it.

Now every time they get me a gift or treat me to an expensive dinner etc, I hate that along with gratitude I also feel sadness that I would have much preferred them to spend that money towards Oxford. Too late now, and it's none of my business anyway, I know. They are now planning to get my brother a new car for his birthday.

Nothing wrong with my current uni btw

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