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My Favourite Places in Kingston Uni

Have you ever visited the Townhouse library during open days?
Or taken a look at the art books in the Knights Park Library yet?
Here are my favourite spots in Kingston Uni!

Aside from being the perfect place to study and hang out, the townhouse library is simply a beautiful building especially at sunset and offers an unhindered view of the surrounding area from its Level 5 rooftop cafe! The Lv 4 silent area would be my go to whenever I need a quiet space to burn the midnight oil or to encourage myself to get my assignments done! :h:

Knights Park Library
Bored of being fed the same images by algorithms on Pinterest and want something new? Try browsing the magazine archives at the Knights Park Library! Though small in comparison to the Townhouse library, the library at KSA has tons of hidden gems waiting to be discovered! :u:

Digital Media Workshops
In addition to the Macbooks available in the Knights Park Library, the digital media workshops are often a lot less crowded and under utilised compared to the Macbooks in the library. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the crowd in the library and are looking for a quiet spot to get some work done before 5pm, why not try checking out the Digital Media Workshops next time!

What are your favourite places in Kingston Uni? Know of any other great spots to hang out or study? Feel free to drop them down in the comments below!:colondollar:

Zhi En (BA Fashion)

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