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if i do really bad on all the combined science higher paper 1's, is there a chance that if i do good on the paper 2,s i can still pass?
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yes you can. but it's a huge risk. If you're worried since the bio paper didn't go great, dont worry you can still pass. Just don't use it as a reason to excuse yourself and not try for the chemistry and physics. overall, the paper ones are each sort of 50% of the sciences, and then they add together to make your combined grade. Just keep trying you can still pass- never too late!
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overall the proportion of marks for paper 1 and paper 2 are ~50/50 for combined science trilogy AQA higher so depends what you define as really bad? although if you did good then I'm sure the marks will add up to a pass (4) at around 87 marks across all 6 papers so 15 marks per paper so think you could get lot higher again depending on what you define as very bad. Happy Revising!

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