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Can someone give me some advice please??

Okay so I work in a veterinary referral and started not long ago only part time so still trying to get the grips of some areas.

This might be a stupid question, but when setting up for an operation how do you know what anaesthetic hose connector to use?
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I'm mainly talking about what capnography connector to use when setting up an anaesthetic machine for a patient.
Like the other day we had a cat that was brought in and they used a circle anaesthetic circuit and a straight capnography connector. What's the difference between the straight on and the t shaped?
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That depends whether you are using ‘Side Stream’ or ‘Mainstream’ Capnography.
Side Stream : A T Shaped Connector is used to carry the gas samples pumped from the patient to the CO2 sensor in the main unit, away from the airway.
Main Stream : A airway adapter is used inserted straight between the ET tube and breathing circuit and the sensor is just connected to that.
Main Stream is used when you need to see real time ETCO2 measurements, but needs to remain heated and can get blocked by saliva etc. Side Stream are easier to connect and are helpful when the patient is in an awkward position, but CO2 measurements are not always accurate.

Hope this helps!!

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