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Do I lose marks for unoriginality for english language

idk man I just copied the entire storyline for my story of this youtube video: and now I am freaking out that I might lose marks.
I mean, maybe if they find out you plagiarised it? Even if they don't you might lose marks just because it wasn't well written if it's a complete copy. you would still need to hit all the key points of a good creative writing story.
Roundabout way of saying ''straight up plagiarism''.
Hi, A-level student here, but I did a similar thing for my English Language GCSE and ended up getting a 9 :cool:

It's not plagiarism if you are just taking the plot of the video and then writing your story about that, because you aren't copying a story word for word. You are merely using the video as a base to structure your story around. I used the priest storyline from Mr Everything English's video for my Paper 1 Question 5 response and it worked like a charm.

As long as you haven't actively copied walls of text from an alternative source and you've just used that video for the purpose of providing a plot, you should be fine. no need to worry :borat:

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