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surface area maths skills A LEVEL BIO

(based off of a real question) when doing a practical eg potato or beetroot experiment, if you have one cube that’s got lengths of, say, 35mm each, and then you cut these into any number of equal sized squares, how do you work out the length of each side once it’s been cut?

because there was a question where the cube was 35mm, then cut into 8 equal smaller cubes and the lengths used were 17.5…why is this?

thanks in advance.
Volume is not proportional to length. Rather, volume is proportional to the cube of length.

Therefore, a cube that has half the side length of another cube has (1/2)^3 = (1/8) the volume. Therefore, 8 cubes of sidelengths 17.5mm are equivalent in volume to one cube of sidelength 35mm.

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