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One month resits

I have 3 resits coming and ill be honest for one of them i havent looked at any material on it so i have to learn it for the other 2 its a 2 semester exam thing as in the final exam is everything you learn over 2 semester but i havent touched any material from semester 2 for both of them only semester 1. Any advice its around maximum of 60 hours videos to watch and the rest is just questions to do. I know my position isnt great (dont really want to disclose why im in this position) but id like to ask for advice on what to do planning on starting tmrw
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The reason you are doing resits is probably the same reason you will complete your resits and then wonder why you failed?

Get a syllabus, and break down that syllabus into separate key subject areas. Then start committing absolute essential key facts to memory (but video's may not be the most time effective method to learn facts here) Once you have the basics add to it. A bit like building a house and putting up the frame work, adding the roof, then putting the windows in. You have a structure, then you can add everything else from the inside.

Start at the beginning and trawl through each subject section, highlighting sub sections and titles of all the things you need to know. Then break down every single day you have available in the time given into hours. Divide your hours and ten minute intervals across the subjects. Leave time to have breaks, time to walk fast around the block and then revisit and review what you have learnt to memory - go over it again. Give 200% effort and if that effort is too much walk away.

Access the basic information about these subjects and commit key words to memory. Use this site for hints and tips on revision.

You cannot sidestep the revision and commitment to memory. That is often the most painful part of study, because it wears your brain out (not literally) Use whatever technique you can to commit facts to memory and then understand what you have learnt. You may need to apply that newly learnt knowledge in different scenario's.

Eventually try to work out why you have ended up in the position you are in and be determined never to waste a minute in your life ever again. Are you one of life's procrastinators? It is always easier to put everything else in life before what you need to do because it is more exciting, involves less work etc.

If you are determined to work now till you drop now and give 200% remind yourself that all you probably needed over the long haul and the time you missed was a fraction of the effort you are putting in now.

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