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If anyone here has completed the OCR sociology a-level papers for 2023 exam, please could you let me know what questions came up for all sections. I'm interested to know what differed from the 2022 paper. Thank you in advance :smile:

paper 1: global culture(6),education system(12), disability(20), reasons for growth of reconstituted families(12), ways families are diversifying(16), evaluating whether ethnic diversity is the main type of family diversity(24)

paper 2: ethnic inequalities broad (20), functionalist POV on each inequality (40) / other half of paper was just typical advantages and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative methods

paper 3: don't really remember all the questions for globalisation but I know there was a question about inequalities that arise from the digital world,feminism was the 16 marker, how gender influences religiosity (10), secularisation (20), how religion can lead to social change (neo marxism and/or weberianism) (40)
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did anyone do 2023 ocr sociology crime and deviance as section b????