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what should i do? A girl in need of some friendly advice..

Hi guys, im currently in my third year of a sociology degree. My first and second years went okay - I didn't usually attend many of my lectures or seminars but always got by when it came to assessments and passed both years with 2;1's. However, since the third year started, my mental health dropped drastically my attention towards uni was almost non-existent. It's now assessment period and I'm trying to get back on my feet, however, I literally CANT do it. I feel like I have fully fallen out of love with my course and the difficulty of the work is insanely larger than in previous years. I have tried so hard to catch up on everything from the start of the semester, but when it comes to writing an essay I just end up staring at the screen unable to find any sources or type any words, and ive not even began my dissertation :/. At this point, I'm kinda over completing my course even though the thought of failing hurts because I used to have such a passion for sociology. However, I feel immense pressure from my family to graduate (my older sister graduated in August so anyone else with a sibling will know how much pressure I feel to atleast match her success). I've been trying to figure out if I can at least get an exit award but tbh i dont fully understand how they work. I have a meeting with my academic tutor tomorrow (I've not spoken to her once in the 3 years) so hoping that might provide some clarity. Otherwise, does anyone have any advice for me or opinions on what I should do? I know that carrying on is the best option because I might as well try and complete my degree, but no matter how hard i try to write my assessments, my brain is just empty and i end up breaking down. Sorry for the long message.
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