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What can I do with an LLM?

I have an LLM. I got a merit.

I also have a BSc in ICT

My background is ICT, management and risk management. I have also acted as a McKenzie Friend for almost 10 years now (in my spare time) and that's why i just fancied doing the law masters.

I have been trying to think of some jobs I can search for to apply for. I don't want to be a solicitor, but I do like the legal/research aspect. I can't drive due to medical reasons so I'd have to stay local to the North West region or even better, hybrid or WFH.

Does anyone have any suggestions please for things I could apply for? I'm waiting to hear about a start date for a civil service job, but it's moving at glacial speed and now I'm about to be unemployed I'd like to explore my options :smile:

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