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Hi All, I am a GDL graduate from the University of Law and I have almost 2 years of qualified work experience. My question is mostly for people who have already passed the SQE Exams by self-studying. I am thinking of buying the ULAW books for SQE (I already have the books of ULAW for GDL but I suppose they are not the same).
1. I will start studying in August and plan to apply for SQE 1 in January and then SQE2 in April. Is this a realistic goal? From your experience what exam was harder, SQ1 or SQE2?
2. How many months in advance did you start studying for each exam and for how many hours per day?
3. How many weeks are enough to study each module? I tried to find online how many pages are the books for each module but I could not. I understand that each person needs a different amount of time for studying, but for example, if the books are 200 pages is different from being 500 pages.
4. Is any of you interested in selling me their old book?
Any information is welcome! Thank you :smile:

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