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Land Law Problem Question HELP

Hi, I need some help with a land law problem question I’ve been assigned. The area I’m confused about is that since Ehsan is 17, he cannot have the legal title.
So in terms of affecting the four unities when looking at the equitable title, does this mean there is no unity of interest so they hold the title in equity as tenants in common. Or can Ehsan be a tenant in common, while Cleo and Dhiya are join tenants. And therefore, do I need to mention severance?

Also, when Dhiya dies, would extra steps need to be taken to figure out who has the legal title/who does the equitable title pass too as she is not in a joint tenant with anyone and no will is mentioned?

Cleo, Dhiya and Ehsan are siblings. Cleo, who has just turned 30, lives and works abroad. Dhiya, who is aged 25, lives and work in the local area. Ehsan is 20 and is in the third year of his university degree. He is studying at a university in a different part of the country.

In 2020, the three siblings received a large inheritance from an elderly relative. They decided to buy a property, 91 Western Road, together. Cleo has never lived at 91 Western Road but she considered the property a good long-term investment. Dhiya moved into 91 Western Road as soon as the siblings purchased the property and has been living there ever since. Ehsan was 17 years old when the siblings bought 91 Western Road. He has never lived in the property, although he viewed it as a place where he might live if he returned to the area after he has completed his university studies.

Each sibling contributed £105,000 to the £315,000 purchase price for the property, which was conveyed to them as beneficial joint tenants.

In March 2022, Ehsan discussed his interest in 91 Western Road with a friend at university, who was studying law. After the conversation, Ehsan emails Dhiya about 91 Western Road. In his email he writes the following:
Hey big sis! Not sure how best to say this but I think that we should all have separate shares in the house. I think I’d be happier if I knew my share was mine alone and that no-one can ever take it away from me. What do you think?

Dhiya reads the email and is a little uncertain about Ehsan’s suggestion. Dhiya says that they should talk to Cleo before they make any decisions about the ownership of 91 Western Road. A few days later, Ehsan is talking to Cleo on the telephone and he mentions his suggestion about the ownership of the property. Cleo agrees that this sounds like a good idea, although they don’t discuss it any further with Dhiya.

In September 2022, Cleo decides that she wants to sell her share in 91 Western Road to raise money to set up a home overseas. She transfers her share in the property to Femi, who has never lived there.

In September 2023, Dhiya tragically died in an accident at work. Ehsan has decided that he wants to sell 91 Western Road. Femi thinks that the financial value of the property will increase and he opposes the sale.

Advise Ehsan as to who owns 91 Western Road, in what shares, and whether he can force a sale of the property.

Thank you so much!!!

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