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Clearing gave me a second chance

Anjali completed the Foundation in Clinical Sciences and Medicine, before moving on to study BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences full-time. She is currently completing her final year. She shares her story with us below.


Clearing gave me a second chance 🙌
I got my place at Bradford through Clearing. I initially applied for Medicine, but I didn't get the grades I needed. I called Bradford when it was Clearing and got a place on the Foundation in Clinical Sciences and Medicine.

Better than I expected 👏
Clinical Sciences is similar to Medicine. When I first started, I was hoping to transfer to Medicine but decided not to as the Clinical Sciences course is very similar, the modules are really interesting.

I found that the course is very anatomy and physiology focused, and I'm really interested in anatomy, so it really suited me.

Strong foundations 💪
The staff at Bradford really care about their students and are always very responsive.

It was an easy transition from the Foundation course to the BSc. I'd already met people on the course and had great support systems in place. I also moved on to the degree with a really strong base knowledge of Clinical Sciences, which helped improve my confidence.

What sets Clinical Sciences apart 🤔
You study a really wide and interesting range of modules on the course, many of which focus on public health as well as medical ethics and health economics.

You also develop excellent lab skills, get to write academic reports each year, and do a final year research project, which I did on Prion disease.

We also got to study clinical pharmacology, common diseases, and treatments for them. We learned about topics such as immunology and haematology as well. The course covers a lot!

You are always expanding your knowledge and skill set.

Facilities at Bradford inspire innovation 💡
The campus at Bradford is brilliant. It's so compact, everything is easy to get to. All the labs and facilities are really well equipped, and there is an anatomage table to practice your anatomy skills.

I now have all the knowledge I need to take my next step. When I finish my course, I'm going on to do a Physician Associate MA course, as I'd like to become a Physician Associate. I'm very people-orientated and want to work in a healthcare setting where I can interact with patients directly, so it's the perfect career for me.

Bradford shaped my personality 🤗
The Societies at Bradford are great and have helped me develop personally.

I joined the Indian Society and the Bollywood Society. Getting involved in them has been a key part of my university journey. I also work for the Student Union as an Activities Council representative. These activities have really helped me develop and step out of my comfort zone, and I'm now much more confident.

My advice 🤝
My advice to other students hoping to follow in my footsteps would be to do the Foundation course to gain all the base knowledge of skills you need, and really work on your friendships. The people you meet will be the people you'll stay with throughout the whole course.

I'd also recommend getting involved in extra-curricular activities, as it's great for your personal development and looks good on your CV.

Finally, don't let imposter syndrome ever get to you! Everyone is in the same boat as you. Always remember that.

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