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Rejected from Uni Choices

Not receiving any uni offers, and getting rejected from your five uni choices can be an extremely difficult pill to swallow- but that doesn’t mean all hope is gone! There are lots of things you can do to secure a place at university

1) Apply through UCAS Extra
If you used all 5 of your UCAS choices but didn’t receive any offers or chose to decline them, you can consider applying for another course through UCAS Extra. This route is only applicable for applicants who have used all their five choices in their initial application.

UCAS Extra gives you the opportunity to discover or reconsider a new university or course that could be more suitable for you.

UCAS Extra is available from 28th February to 4th July 2024, you can find out more of the UCAS website.

2) Apply through Clearing
This route provides applicants a second chance to secure a place at university. Clearing matches applicants without a place to universities with unfilled places.

You can consider Clearing if you:

Were unsuccessful with your firm or insurance uni choices.

Have no offers since your application

Are applying after 30th June

Are unsatisfied with the unis you’ve been offered

Furthermore, Clearing is useful for if you’ve changed your mind about your course and wish to opt for a different course.

Clearing 2024 officially begins 5th July and closes when all Clearing places are full.
Find out more about Clearing so you’re prepared on results day:

Please let me know if you have any more questions about UCAS Extra or Clearing :smile:

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