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BNO Visa Processing Time

Hi there,

I am an international student from Hong Kong who needs a student visa to study in the U.K. However, I am not able to start the application processing as I am still waiting for the CAS. Wrote to the U and have been told that they will issue the CAS in these few week. It is already August and the student visa processing time is 3 weeks in Hong Kong. I am scared that I may not obtain my stduent visa on time as there may be unexpected typing mistakes in the CAS.

On the other hand, I am eligible to apply for BNO Visa right away (I was born after 1997 and my parents hold BNO passports). I wonder if someone here who made his/her BNO Visa application recently (say July 2023) can share their applcation experience, particularly about how fast the BNO Visa was issued.

Thank you.


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