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CAS: What is CAS? How do I Apply?

Happy November TSR!

It's a bit colder, darker, and time to cosy up by a fire now that's it's officially winter! :snow::snowman:

So to kick off here is a bit more information on CAS, what it is, and how to apply, for all of our International Students looking at January Intakes!

Just a quick run through for any students still considering whether to study in the UK! :dontknow:

CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This is a statement that contains your unique CAS reference number, information about your course of study, and your personal details. You will need to provide your CAS statement when you apply for a student visa. :cyber:

The VISA (and CAS) process may differ depending on your region of application, your programme of study, and the length of your programme of study. There is a wealth of information on the Gov.UK website and this is the best resource for VISA and Immigration (UKVI) related queries! :flutterby:

Usually there may be Conditions you need to fulfill once you have completed your application, it has been reviewed, and your application has been confirmed as initially accepted. These conditions will then be communicated to you or written in your Conditional Offer Letter.

You need to have an unconditional offer letter in order to initiate the CAS issuance process. If you hold a conditional offer letter, you must fulfil any conditions or make payments that are mentioned in the offer letter. In order for these conditions to be fulfiled, you will have to submit evidence of these conditions to the relevant teams. We will issue your CAS depending on the course that you are studying and provided you have completed the conditions of your chosen course in time for your intake :congrats:

The best way to ensure as little stress (as you can! :colondollar:) through the process it to apply in plenty of time and to have all of your documentation ready to go (if possible before you apply). :biggrin:

It can be long and nerve-wracking but if in doubt it is best to reach out to our International Team, including Regional Representatives. Also, thanks to our wonderful Ambassador Julia, here are a few experiences on TSR if you are worried about the transition! :elefant:

To all students, that have just started their studies, or are considering applying soon, or perhaps in the future, the best advice we can give is to believe in yourself! :cute:

If in doubt (we're all human:wink:) reach out,

- Rose:rose:, De Montfort University Rep.

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