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Should I remark ?

I entered the exam session may/June 2023 and today I got my IGCSE marks (subjects that I took was
Chem 0971 and bio 0970 and phy 0972 all with component code CX ) I was in shock at first when I saw my marks I got 5 in phy and bio and 7 in Chem and my peers that took with the same teachers and whom my answers where typical to there answers all of them got 9 and ranks and to be specific in all the three subjects .should I retake or remark first .
There is a small point I want to add my family is disappointed in me so they think remarking will do nothing and I am pretty sure my answers were right should I insist on remarking ? Pls anyone who had the same problem could help cuz this will literally change my life 180%
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you can try to get it remarked, but i can't see the grades going up any higher than 6s - with 5s you've still passed though which is good in itself :smile:

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