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Statistical analysis using prism help please!

Hi, I’m struggling in terms of inputting my data into prism and figuring out which analysis to do, whether thats one-way anova or the chi-square test etc.

I’m doing a research project linking dog characteristics with aspects of animal welfare/behaviour on walks: The effect of size on activity levels in dogs.

Using an excel table I jotted down the size of the dog (small/medium/large) and noted what activity the dog was doing and how much It, using a 1-5 scale where each number represented a different activity.

Out of the activities, I noted down the activity it was doing the most as the overall scale rating.

Now the issue is originally I thought I’d do the chi-square test but when I inputted the data after selecting contingency (I put large medium and small down the left and across it was titled scale where I added up how many large dogs did scale 1 and wrote it down, how many did 2 etc.), it gives results and a p value of 0.00002 and then at the bottom there’s this orange box says the calculations are not valid and suggests I merge two columns eyc.

One-way anova compares significant differences so it seems better but when I select the column option It only allows me to enter numbers so I can’t write down the size of the dogs. So I’m a little lost now!

Any help would be appreciated as well as steps on how to do it, thank you!
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Wouldn't want to give the wrong advice on this one but super interested in the results of your study! If you have time to post any findings/conclusions that would be great! :smile:

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