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Which course is better to select

Greetings to the entire forum, this year I am entering my third year of studies and I have a dilemma as to "what elective course to take" for the upcoming winter semester!

The dilemma is between the course "Accounting II" and the course "Applied Statistics with R & SPSS". From the prerequisite knowledge I have, I have high grades in Accounting I (10) and Statistics I and II (8 in both). If I choose to take all the elective courses in Accounting and do well with grades of 7 and above, I will receive a 100% recommendation letter. In addition, my department now has ACCA certification, which means exemptions from professional exams to become an ACCA member! I am reserved about Statistics, as every year we have different professors and this can create uncertainty about what to expect in the course. The course "Applied Statistics with R & SPSS" seems very interesting to me and I believe it will help me to better understand econometrics. The skills I will acquire with the use of R and SPSS can help me in the future to analyze data and perform statistical analyzes. In professional terms, I find the profession of chartered accountant equally interesting, as well as a career in data analysis and the financial sector, where statistics is used for market analysis, risk management, and forecasting prices and trends. Also, statistics seems to be a field with a lot of future in many sectors..

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