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Curly hair or straight hair?

Which do you like?
Straight hair.
I have curly hair but I straighten it
Original post by HairGrowth
Which do you like?

That is a matter of the women. I would never generalize a hair style for them.
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I can't be arsed straightening mine.
Straight hair if we're talking about my potential partner. On me, Idc as long as they're minimum maintenance.
Oh and by the by: same goes for the men. No generalization for a gender from my end.
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I have 2a wavy hair...
If I had a partner, probably not straight hair bc that's too "plain" for me. At least some waves would be preferable
Original post by HairGrowth
Which do you like?

I love curly hair, i wish i had some sort of curlys or waveness. My hair is more on the straight side and it makes me look flat

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