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Biomedical Science BMs Oxford

Hi everyone, I really want to go to Oxford to study Biomedical Sciences. I find the prospect of learning about the human body in depth really interesting - physiology disease etc but not genes and genetics.

Hence I was looking at the other course topics and thought that neuroscience seemed pretty interesting although I never thought about it before.

Applications are 2 months away- do you think it would be good idea to write my personal statement on neuroscience and read books/watch lectures etc on it? Also, granted that you can graduate with an Msc in Neuroscience I thought it would increase my chances. Or should I stick to Physiology/the body despite my disinterest in Genetics?
Not everyone is expected to like everything about a course, but who knows you may get to really like genetics as well. People writing their personal statements can either take a general approach 'I like biomedical sciences', or focus on a particular aspect 'I'm really interested in physiology...'. There's no rule about which is the best option. You just need to get across your enthusiasm for the subject.

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