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Urgent help needed! How to get grade 9 in gcse AQA Spanish?

Hiya, I would really appreciate it if someone could guide how I can get a grade 9 for AQA Spanish gcse. If you’ve gotten a grade 9 in Spanish then I would really appreciate it if you could share your revision method etc.

Any help/guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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Hi! I got grade 9 and one thing that really helped me was learning the vocab list. You can download it from the aqa website, and it's especially useful for the reading and the listening papers, since if you know the vocab you can translate everything and therefore get the questions correct.
For speaking, I prepared short phrases with good vocabulary (around 3 for each subtopic) which you can include in your answers. Also, for speaking you are mainly in control of the conversation, so if the examiner asks you a question you don't know how to answer very well, you can answer it briefly and change the subject (start talking about something else linked to the previous question but which you can answer better).
For writing, again prepare short phrases or even just find some words that you can insert into your writing, and make sure you know grammar well.
Good luck :smile:
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i got a grade 9 heres what i recommend:

Quizlet for learning the la vida vocab modules you can turn on the microphone so you can hear how they pronounce the words which is helpful for all papers.

Make sure your pre planned answers contain the best and impressive Spanish vocab and phrases you can find add all tenses for all the modules. Theres a new Spanish specification that contains a vocab list of everything u need to know I have that on my quizlet ill link it here

Practise papers will be your best friend there isn't many for Spanish but just keep on redoing them and reading the scripts.

You really need to make sure you are secure in tenses and grammar so I recommend making flashcards for tenses and just repeat it out loud not knowing your tenses can really affect your grade in each paper.

When I tell you memorise every thing in this video especially the wow phrases this will carry your grade
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I got an 8 (3 marks off a 9, might remark) and my #1 advice is use duolingo every single day for about 5 minutes, and a bit longer on the weekends. I don't think I would have done as well in the exam had I not used it because unlike other techniques, you are actually learning the language in a more organic manner as compared to the clinical approach of reading a textbook. Also it sticks in your brain because you have to apply information directly after learning it, and you can't learn a language by studying it once a week - it has to be a continual effort or your brain will not remember anything. One note: I recommend having duolingo on both your phone and computer, as on your phone you will have expendable hearts, which is not the case on a computer.
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Also learn your tenses and some phrases off by heart so you can inject them into your work whenever you are stuck on a question. Vocab is also important.
I take French, but most of the stuff has already been said. I would further emphasise the power of WOW phrases and recommend you learn a few off by heart. Also, you don't have to study copiously to get a grade 9 - I achieved a grade 9 in my Year 10 mocks (full marks on writing) with no revision; just work hard in class.
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