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Veterinary courses-related survey (for applicants and students)

Hey all - I'm researching veterinary attitudes towards pop-cultural representations of vets in fiction/movies/TV etc and would love to talk to anyone applying for a veterinary-related course / current students on such courses.

Mainly trying to answer a question of why there is so much TV/film/books about being a human doctor, and so few about being a vet (and those few works about being a vet are mostly very positive and idealistic about the profession contrasting to the more nuanced depictions of human medical dramas). It's a weird situation and trying to understand it.

If you're interested, please DM me - I have some free books and other resources + some Amazon gift cards to win for people who are able to answer a few questions! And if you're able to help enough then I'd be happy for people to mention it on any applications


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