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Subject selections as an IB student

Hello. I'm an IB student in Foundation year, meaning I'm starting DP next year. I need to select what subject I'm going to take by November but I don't know what to take. I want to go to a veterinary college so I want to know whether I have to take Biology and Chemistry. I want to take biology but I don't know if I can take chemistry as well, because they are both challenging subjects to maltitask.
I would like to know if chemistry is also required to go to a veterinary college. And if math is required to take in HL(higher level) or if its fine in SL(standard level).

I would also like to know if there are any other kind of jobs that relate to veterinary other than veterinary medicine.
In terms of options, you are allowed to take both Chemistry and Biology, and I know of many people who did. Just be aware that Biology is very content heavy (I don't know about Chemistry). Can you check your course requirements for maths?
Look at the entry requirements at a range of different Uni - usually they only require two sciences at HL for Vet.

Bristol - - 36 points overall with 18 at Higher Level, including 6, 6 at Higher Level in Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics
Nottingham - - 36 points overall to include, Grade 6 at Higher Level Biology, Grade 6 at Higher Level Chemistry, Grade 6 at Higher Level in any other subject.
etc etc.

PS. Useful short online course about applying for Vet -

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