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course help

I’m struggling on which course to choose for university and in need for some help

- I’ve always been interested in business and technology so therefore ive looked at many different related courses, some were: ( all at aston )
- accounting and finance ( however i dont want to be an accountant so ive decided not to )
- economics ( but my maths isnt the strongest even though aston does not require maths )
- business analytics ( similar modules to economics, so in need of maths )
- Computer science - but my coding isnt good at all

so i seen another course - business computing and IT ( aston university ) which intrigued me alot in terms of placement year, jobs , modules, course itself , however although it isnt my final choice it is something i am deffinetely interested in

- is it possible for anyone to give me advice maybe in terms of job roles ; salary ; employability ;demand: placement : overall course; modules ext. for business computing and IT ( aston ) and also any advice on other courses.
thanks, any help will be appreciated

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