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Hi, can anyone help please. I'm a 37 year old, part-time student on a HE course as well as 2 other online courses, who is at present, in receipt of UC. I do not work and have 2 dependents, my youngest child is 4 years old. UC have told me that my courses may not be enough for me and they are reviewing my claim even though my courses combined exceed my 30hr per week commitment around my children whom I am solely responsible for. Has anyone else experienced this situation? Did you have to leave your course to appease UC or have UC removed? Any help is needed as at present I don't know where I stand and have simply been told by UC they will make a decision in 2 weeks time.
Thank you in advance for your help

I’m sorry to hear that your in difficult situation with UC.

What type of HE course are you on? Have you applied for Student Finance? Is your university/ Higher education provider able to provide a letter stating how many hours your course is, so you’re able to give this to UC? You shouldn’t have to leave your course just to have to please UC, as that isn’t fair on you. I think if you’re able to provide an official letter from the higher education provider, this would count as evidence, that UC would accept. The finance department at the higher education provider maybe able to also help, signpost you to relevant bursary/grants or support you are eligible for.

Here’s a link to the Student Finance website which has some helpful information, for eligibility for student finance.

There are some grants you can get for students who have dependents, but I’m not sure if this solely applies to full time students. This could be something you could discuss with your higher education provider?

Suzan - Student Ambassador

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