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Is EPQ useful when I'm planning to do math in uni?

For the unis I'm applying to they would lower the entry requirements if I get an A in my EPQ which sounds very appealing as my predicted grade for one of my subjects doesn't meet the requirements.

However I am already super stressed about A-levels and life in general, and I am not sure I will get an A in EPQ as my writing skills are average and I'm not too motivated.

If I drop EPQ I am planning to tutor math (if possible) which would help me understand the fundamentals in math as I sometimes forget about them, and I will have more time to focus on my actual A-levels and hopefully get my grade up.
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Dont waste valuable time with an EPQ. It wont be the decider in getting you an offer.
No Uni requires an EPQ and its your 3 A level grades that DO matter.
Focus on your A levels and forget the EPQ.
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It really depends on whether you can balance it all or not. I did 4 A-Levels and an EPQ (in mathematical philosophy) and tbh, though it was a lot of work, I thought the EPQ was quite valuable to me. Not because it reduced my uni grade requirements, but because it was genuinely enjoyable. If you're already stressed about A-Levels and are not fully passionate about your EPQ, then I would probably drop it.

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