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Guys I was thinking of doing the following A-levels: BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, AND PSYCHOLOGY.
I chose these subjects because I really wanna do Medicine at a university like Oxbridge.
My question was is Psychology a science subject and is it accepted and a respected subject for universities like Oxford and Cambridge? Google says that social Sciences are (Sociology, Psychology, and Criminology) Is Psychology acceptable even if it's a social science for medicine? Also, I was thinking of doing Criminology as well and since 8 I really liked to watch crime-solving shows, etc... But I don't know if criminology is a good combination with the other 3 subjects... Because when you get interviewed for Uni they ask you what you thought connected these subjects with others...Or what if I just do BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, AND CRIMINOLOGY? Basically, I'm confused between Psychology or Criminology OR Just PSYCHOLOGY OR Just CRIMINOLOGY OR Just choosing another subject together with BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY such as Maths or Physics To get a higher chance of getting into one of the TOP unis. Let me know please. TSM
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You will have to look at the specific university website for the course you want to do and scroll to the requirements, it will list the subjects accepted there. I have seen psychology accepted as a science in some places, and not in others.
However, for medicine, it is really competitive and most applicants will be doing chemistry, biology and either maths or physics or both.
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Psychology is a social science and I don't believe it would help towards medicine. Maths would better.
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what if u not good at it

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