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Aqa biology help plz

The scientists grew plant cells in a culture for 12 days. At the start,there were only a few cells in the culture. Each day, they determined the mass of sucrose hydrolysed by SPS in the plant cells in 1 hour. For each day, calculate the rate per minute of the reaction catalysed by SPS.
Record the rates in standard form.

I couldn't attach the table so I am writing the value down here

Mass of sucrose hydrolysed by SPS in 1 hour / µg - 0.07

Do anyone know how to do this. If you can just show me how to do this for one I can do it for the rest of table. Thank youu.
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I don't know if this is what you are looking for but I hope it helps :smile:

1. Line graph with rate on y axis and days/time in days on x axis and linear scales;
2. Correct units of μg min-1/per minute/minute-1 × 10-3;
Correct answers × 10-3 1.17, 1.50, 1.83, 2.50, 3.33, 4.00, 4.00 (accept to 1DP)
3. Rates correctly calculated and plotted, with line connecting points/line of best fit and no extrapolation;

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