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Time to move on from Poirot and Miss Marple

Some of Agatha christie's Characters are so worn out that i see no point in making any new Poirot movie in quite a while (sorry brannagh). However, Tommy & Tuppence are not worn out to the same extent yet.

But I think that several other people from Christie's period need to get more attention, for instance A.E.W. Mason and his inspector Hannaud, which is in fact the original Poirot. Just read his books yourself. There are not many though. Mason moved on.

I also think that Anna Katharine Greene's Miss Amelia Buttterworth has been neglected, the original miss Marple.

I also think that some of Greene's other stories deserve more attention. Read "A Memorable Night" and see what i mean. She was great.

In short, even though Christie was wonderful, Suchet practically provided us with the final word on Poirot for quite a while. (Sidenote: He also played Robert Maxwell pretty well).

What is your opinion about this?

I will also reccomend William Le Queux and Fred M. White (newton moore). Le Queux was a man who exaggerated and wrote absolutely sensational spy stories (He claims to have predicted the first world war in 1910 (?) by uncovering a secret spy network and so on). Some of them were very entertaining. While Fred M White's newton moore seems more like an ashenden precurson. There is a precurson to james bond, namely Brett Carstairs by Sydney Horler. Also sensational.
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