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Do you ever miss home
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

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It’s a pretty exciting world, independent living, exciting things to see and do, new people to meet, working for the first time at the frontiers of knowledge. Going home in the holidays is also good too
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Hi @Jordanmmd28,

University is a different experience for everyone, but I can definitely say that I love it.

Yes, sometimes I miss home, but the independence I have gained since I started university is wonderful. I have met so many great people, tried new things, traveled to new places, and studied something I really enjoy.

That's not to say that university is like this for everyone - some experiences can be harder than others, not what we expected, or we discover it's not what we want. But that's okay! At the end of the day, it is important that you make the right decision for yourself and your future.

Best of luck,

Third-year Geography with a Year Abroad Student
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Hi @Jordanmmd28 ,

As an international student I definitely miss my home quite often, especially during holidays and celebrations. However, thankfully there is a lot of technology like video calls that make life much easier and help us connect with our relatives and friends.

I think most of students miss their homes sometimes, but at the same time, we all understand that the opportunities and experiences we have in universities are just so much worth it!

And never forget that our world is so globalised nowadays, and there are train/coach/aeroplane routes to everywhere in the world! :smile:

Let me know if you have any questions,

Ilya :smile:
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Hi @Jordanmmd28 ,

I do miss home sometimes! It does get hard, especially when you have lots of work to do and you are feeling stressed and this is when I find I miss home the most.

However, University is also such a fun experience! You get to live with new people, be independent - cooking for yourself etc!
There are also lots of opportunities to socialise and go out with friends- whether this be a night out or a trip to town, the cinema or for food. Most people that you meet want to socialise so there is lots of things to do which help to distract you from missing home. If you live in halls, you will likely be living with people at your university who will want to do fun things too, so I would recommend this.

If you are worried about missing home and your friends and family, you could always go to a university that is close to your hometown. My uni is about 45 minutes away from my hometown on the train which I like as if I ever want to go back home it is easy and I can also go for just one night if I want as it is close by. It's also cheap to get back so it's easier to do it more often if I feel like it.

Overall, although it can be hard sometimes when you are missing home, usually the fun times and opportunities outweigh this and make university a really fun and exciting opportunity!

I hope this helps,
Lucy- SHU student ambassador.
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Hi there

University is a really amazing experience, it is a great chance to gain independence, to carry some responsibility, and have the freedom to arrange your time.

Whilst studying is important, University is not all about studying either. You get to arrange what times you work, and what times you rest. It allows you time to enjoy things that interest you.

Yes, I do miss home sometimes, and most people experience at some point during their University experience. However, this is completely normal. I find calling my family frequently really helps. Also since we are not required to stay at University the whole time, we are free to head home when we feel like it. I found home sickness was more of the issue at the start of University, so taking your time to settle in, and visiting home frequently can really help getting used to University life.

I hope this helps.
University of Kent Student Rep
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Well yeah sometimes you do naturally but it's not a prison you can always visit home of face time if you want to. Most of the time though you'll be focused on classes or the social side of things.
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home


Yes, particularly if you have had a bad day and just need to share with someone who knows you well, and knows just what to say and will help you feel better about things, then it is easy to miss home. When you are stressed you want someone to put the kettle on, to make you a nice cuppa, to take the time to listen, and to be that help and support that you need.
If live with others and you are all good friends, then that's really useful and you should feel really supported on those everything that could go wrong, went wrong days, but if you live on your own or in student accommodation then you do have to be pro-active in reaching out to someone e.g. knocking on your flatmate's door, or picking up the phone and calling someone.

Hope that helps,

Oluwatosin 3rd year student University of Huddersfield
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home

Hi there,

Of course everyone misses home eventually no matter what but there are things you could do to help lift your spirits. You could join clubs/societies where there are regular hangouts or from an international students pov- meet people from the same country. Also keeping in contact with family members through regular calls or visit home once in a while. You could also attend activities or events ran by the university or student union. Take some time off to get a breather. Overall, don't feel down and know that you're not alone. IF youi ever feel homesick, you can always visit the wellbeingteam at your university. Hope this helps and you feel better.

University of Sunderland Digital Ambassador
Original post by Jordanmmd28
Do you ever miss home


I am only 45 minutes from home, and I still miss it aha I am quite independent and sociable, but I miss the home comforts and being in the house with family members. Also, as I live alone in a studio flat, I don’t like to spend all day in my room with no social interaction so I try and get out every day for some fresh air and a walk around and I will facetime my sister when I can even if it is just a 5/10 minute call.

But you can still miss home and have fun at university as it is a whole new exciting experience. You become much more independent whilst at University, which is great as you develop and mature as a person, gain valuable life skills and it pre-pares you for the future when you do move out the family household. At University you can meet new people, and this presents new opportunities of going out, exploring this new area you have moved to and making new memories. The first few weeks at university can be the hardest as well as the most fun I would recommend keeping busy, bringing household items to your accommodation and not having too many nights out in a row as this will be very mentally draining.

Hope this helps
-Maddie, second year Health and well-being in society student at De Montfort University

Yes ☹️ you miss home and you miss your pets. As an international student, my first few weeks were quite tough, but you look forward to the breaks and try to go back if you get a chance.

Otherwise, University is such a great experience. It is your time to shine, and form an independent life. You become your biggest fan and your own best friend. You learn to spend time with yourself and reflect. If you are lucky, you also make really good friends that become family.

Try to make the most out of your time! Join societies, go to the gym, try out new food, and learn about different cultures.

You got this!
Haya- MBBS 5

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