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Economics degree or Maths degree?

I study Maths, Chemistry and Physics A-Level. A*AB in progressions. Hoping to get into Leeds Uni so I can commute there as it's cheaper. I don't enjoy any of my subjects but Maths is the most bearable. My plan is to get a job with an average amount of hours (so definitely not investment banking etc) and work on my side-hustles / business at the same time until I can eventually leave the 9-5 system. That being said, which degree would be better suited to me (and which is better in general?)
I mean, there is no better degree in general. Also "most bearable" is not a strong sign you should go into a maths degree (or any mathematical degree) really? You want to have your degree be more than just bearable! Also worth noting that the kind of maths done in a maths degree is vastly different from that done in A-level Maths.

Additionally worth noting that in terms of generalist grad schemes, they don't care what subject you studied so you can just as well do Southeast Asian Studies or Evolutionary Anthropology as economics or maths, and still be just as likely to get the job (or not). Ultimately the degree is just a tick box - they just want to see you have a degree at 2:1 or above normally and don't usually care what it's in.

So might be worth exploring other options which are of greater intellectual interest to you. What is it you like doing in your spare time? If you had the chance to learn about anything, what would you want to learn more about? Pufferfish mating rituals? Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs? Lexical functional grammar? Critical race theory? Gas giant formation?

Think about the things you'd actually be motivated to learn more about, and think about what degrees are more aligned with those kinds of things :smile:

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