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Doing a part-time beauty course ontop of uni

Hi I was looking advice please.

I am commuting to uni, worst decision ever but we move. I am doing a beauty course on 1 evening a week to get out of the house, I was talking to a co-worker about it and she said that was quite greedy of me? The reason I'm doing it is 1- because I have a love of learning and helping people and 2- I obviously won't have a massive salon etc?

Is she right? Or am I overthinking this as I know a girl who has done nails after her degree.
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Of course you can do beauty training in your spare time! People indulge their hobbies and interests, and do sports, photography, music, languages in addition to further education, so why not you?

Would she complain about students having part-tine jobs, as many do? There's semi-professional sportsmen and women that work other jobs around competing; is that greedy, or committed? Did she give a reason for her comment; maybe she's a bit envious of your uni education?
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