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Possible Ordinary Degree in Computing: Next Steps

Hello, I have faced significant challenges throughout my university journey, including personal physical and mental health issues that led me to defer my studies for several years. This year is crucial as it marks the last opportunity for me to complete my degree. However, I've recently experienced the loss of both of my grandfathers, which has had a severe impact on my studies.

I understand that graduating with an ordinary degree is not the preferable or most advantageous outcome of my studies, but I'm looking for information in case this occurs. I'm currently studying computer security and considering a future in either software engineering or a change to engineering.

What are some potential academic or vocational paths I can explore if I graduate with an ordinary degree?
Are there specific universities or institutions that offer programs for upgrading ordinary degrees to honors degrees?
How can I effectively explain my academic journey, including deferrals and personal challenges, in future job or graduate school applications?
Additionally, I would appreciate any advice or insights on how to navigate this situation and make the most of my academic and career prospects considering the challenges I've faced.
Thank you for your help.
Upgrading a ordinary degree to an honours degree will usually only be possible by either passing the missing module credits at the university that awarded your ordinary degree OR by repeating the entire final year at another university. It might be possible to do this in a software engineering degree depending upon the compatibility of your passed modules.

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