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Is a Econ degree or degree aprenticeship better for career prospects?

So I'm currently in y13, I'm considering do either a economics degree from
Uni's like Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, etc or degree apprenticeships like bank of England kent University bsc economics, or bsc finance degree aprenticeship with employers like jp Morgan, UBS, etc at Exeter/Bournemouth uni. I would like a career in banking and so I'm wondering if its better for me to a degree at a more prestigious uni or do degree aprenticeships. Thanks for your help.
If you want to start earning money, gain some professional qualifications and don't mind not experiencing the 'full' university life, then definitely an apprenticeship. If the universities are good enough for the banks, the courses are probably fine! Apprenticeships are likely to be extremely competitive to get into though (more than university), so I assume your back up plan would be direct to university? If you do go for the apprenticeship job route and hate it (and even change your mind about banking), you can always apply to university independently later. Companies might expect you to stay with them if they finance you through higher education, so find out what commitment you will be required to make, if you are offered an apprenticeship.

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