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Personal Statement for 2 different courses

I'm soon to start my personal statement in an attempt to capitalise off of potential early entry offers and I'm at a stalemate over what I should do. I'm interested in doing a degree in financial economics which is 3/5 choices and also 2 in accounting and finance - I like both sets of courses more especially economics but the more lenient A&F reqs have also steered me that way so I intend on doing a personal statement that incorporates both themes perhaps with minor ties to A&F but collectively tieing both to the financial sector - is this a reasonable idea? From my perspective it seems doable but I'm unsure as to whether the two courses are that overwhelmingly different that being able chain the two will be undoable. Open to suggestion though.
Hi there!

That sounds like a very sensible idea, you've clearly considered the benefits of the different courses :smile: As long as you can put across your passion and and how they are linked to your career aspirations. Universities want to know why you'd be a good fit for them, remember this piece of writing is all about you!

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