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I am so sorry that you feel that commuting to university is affecting your mental health. I understand that commuting can be stressful thing especially if you have a long or busy commute.

I would first advise that it is so okay to feel like that and it's a good thing that you've acknowledged how you feel and what may be causing it.

Is there a particular aspect of your commute that you feel is damaging to your mental health? For example, is it that you don't enjoy being on the train or public transport or that you feel rushed when in traffic? If so is there a way to minimise this stress for yourself. For example, if it is that you feel rushed during your commute, maybe leaving before rush hour or perhaps there is an alternative way for you to get to university?

I would also recommend speaking to your university about this. Your university should have a wellness team who will be able to support you will techniques to improve your mental wellbeing and hopefully help you to feel better. You will be able to book an appointment with them and maybe they will have online sessions if it feels overwhelming to go into university.

Another thing to consider is maybe you would prefer to live closer to university in halls or in a student house. It may be that this is something that you are able to arrange as I know a lot of people move after the term has started and houses become available. Your university will have an accommodation team you could perhaps discuss this with : ) If not perhaps in future years this is something to be consider to avoid the commute if you'd like to.

Lastly I just wanted to ensure that you knew about all the support available for people struggling with their mental health some resources include Hub of Hope which is an app which allows you to find services local to you, there is also Samaritans who are available 24 hours of the day should you need emotional support.

I hope this helps,

Katie - Third year Psychology student
Original post by omgwha

Move closer?
Original post by omgwha

Hi @omgwha :h:

Sorry to hear that commuting to uni has had a negative impact on your mental health! As Katie mentioned on here, definitely speak to your uni about this to see what help they can offer you! I'm sure you won't be the first person that has gone to them with this difficulty, and I'm sure you won't be the last. How you feel is incredibly valid - university is hard, and adding in that extra commuting time can be a big strain on top of it all

You got this!

Danielle :smile:
Film and Television Studies
Hi @omgwha,

This is really sad to hear, I'm sorry you are feeling this way about your commute. However I just thought I'd reply to this to reassure you that this is a very normal experience and you are not alone. I was a commuting student in my second year onwards and found that the early starts, the pressure of arriving on time and being alone with your own thoughts whilst travelling difficult too, and several of my friends who commuted also felt the same :smile:

Your uni will definitely be able to give you advice and support with your mental wellbeing - however something else you might find helpful is setting a bit of a routine for yourself. I found that making a playlist on my phone of all of my favourite songs in a specific order and listening to it on my commute was a great distraction (audiobooks and podcasts might also help!). Also counting my steps from the bus station to the next bus stop, and making the effort to text a different uni friend or one of my family, just to say hello, at the same point on my commute each day. There are also some great mindfulness apps available (CALM, Headspace etc) which have some unique exercises you can try if this appeals to you.

I hope this helps, very best wishes - just remember you really aren't alone in this :smile:

University of Bath
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