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Constitutional law

James was appointed as the President of Botswana in 2021, after the previous
President, Jonathan, resigned. James, is a business man who has been involved in
numerous transactions before and during his tenure as President.
James and Vincent entered into a transaction in 2020, for the acquisition of 12 Land
Cruisers. James paid for 10 (ten) Land Cruisers shortly before his tenure, however
he has 2 outstanding payments which have been due since late 2020. Vincet wants
to sue the President for payment of amounts due to himself.
James, in an effort to reduce the workload on himself and to devote time to the
Presidency, appoints Janice to be his personal secretary, to handle his personal
James is informed that there may be a couple of his employees who may be stealing
from him, and that one of them might be Janice and he promptly dismisses Janice.
Janice is aggrieved by the decision and believes that she was unfairly dismissed on
the basis that she did not do anything wrong.
There have also been allegations that James has been syphoning public funds to
procure resources for his political party. It is alleged that such syphoning of public
funds may be in the millions of pula. The DCEC has investigated the matter and is
contemplating bringing charges of corruption by a public officer under the
Corruption and Economic Crime Act against the President but is unsure of the legal
A couple of members of Parliament have been recorded in their political rallies
disparaging the President and were heard uttering that the President was a liar, a
cheat, a scandalous President who is bringing the country into disrepute. They come
to Parliament and repeat those same statements. The President is contemplating
suing the members of parliament for their alleged defamatory statements.
James, whilst suffering stress, has taken a two month leave of absence, and the Vice
President, Hector, assumes the Presidency for that two-month period. Whilst Vice
President Hector is the Acting President, he is involved in an accident. The driver of
the other car sues Hector, and avers that as the acting president he does not enjoy
any immunity. Hector is also contemplating dissolving parliament and grabbing
power for himself during this period of instability.
Advise all parties on their rights.

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