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law irac method help

i have a question concerning the irac method?
as an example in this case R v Dawson

The defendant approached a petrol station manned by a 50 year old male. The defendants attempted a robbery with an imitation gun and a pick-axe handle. The defendants demanded money but did not touch the attendant who pressed the alarm button and the defendants ran away without obtaining any cash. The petrol station attendant, who unknown to the defendants had a pre-existing heart condition suffered a heart attack and died. The defendant was charged with and convicted of unlawful act manslaughter and appealed.

Was the defendant’s act foreseeably dangerous so as to constitute the second element of unlawful act manslaughter? Did the defendants realise that their acts would be likely to cause physical harm? Did the defendants have to have knowledge of the victims medical condition for them to realise that their act was likely to be dangerous?

what would be included in the RULE section of this case?
Case law in relation to the incident . Back up your reasons for this ! Pick out points in the story , then bracket “” case laws at the end .! The rule is only 1 or 2 sentences long and shouldn’t be essays of writting . Markers don’t like rambling on and on about a load of junk .!

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