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How to catch up on first year - Law LLB - please read post!

So I have ADHD, recently diagnosed. I also have a history of drug abuse, combined led me to being pretty lazy and useless from 18-21.
I just completed my first year of law at Durham university however I attended easily no more than 3 lectures and 2 seminars and tutorials. It was pretty bad but I struggled hard. I somehow have made it into second year however with my newfound motivation, I want to do well. I fear I have put myself at a major disadvantage though.
My first year modules were:
EU constitutional law
UK constitutional law
Intro to English legal method
Individual and state

I have a 2:2 for my first year which given my circumstances I am very surprised about but this is not where I want to be. I have not gone to any good schools and as such I don’t really know how to learn or study. I have somehow gotten here based on pure luck.

Would anyone be kind enough to offer me advice on how to catch up on what I’ve missed. Or any advice on what to do for second year law. It would be really appreciated 🫶🏽

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