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How can you pass EU constitutional Law and Equity and Trusts at uni finding it really hard and it is stressing me out
Hi there,

I am a law student at Coventry University and I did EU Law and Equity and Trust in my semester 2 (second year). On top of that we had to work through two other modules (not relevant to the law degree, but helped us gain general skills). It was a very overwhelming experience for me, especially with EU Law since the statutes and cases we came across differentiated hugely from the legislation and cases in the UK and even the referencing style was different.
Nevertheless, I made sure I keep on top of my reading and lectures (although I never ended up reading a lot of chapters and cases, but read as many as I could, because the content was also hard to grasp in one go).

I highly recommend attending all the lectures and workshops/seminars even if you don't do a lot of reading. Speak to your lecturers as well, have 1 to 1 meetings with them.
I still managed to average a 2:1 in my semester 2.
I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Coventry University Student Ambassador

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