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Teacher Training 2024 - via Ambition Institute

I'm currently applying for teaching training - PGCE (Primary) for 2024
Ive come Ambition Institute and they have Teacher Training accreditation from the Department for Education.
Is this is comparable to applying via GOV.
Would applying through Ambition possibly be a detriment in the future when applying as a ECF.

i have an interview and and im unsure what to do.
Hi @Amirag1

I understand how stressful choosing a teacher training provider can be!

I have just accepted my place on a PGCE course, doing the SCITT route.

The help I received from my advisor from Get Into Teaching was incredible and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

So that you get professional advice and support I suggest having a look at their website and getting in contact with one of their advisors.

Help and support getting into teaching | Get Into Teaching GOV.UK (

Also, bear in mind all teacher training courses are different in their own way. Use the interview to your advantage and ask them lots of questions! I would spend some time the night before writing down any questions you have; not only will they be able to answer your questions but it will also demonstrate to them how seriously and deeply you are thinking about your choice.

I wish you all the best!

BCU Student Rep
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Hi @Amirag1 ,

I think @BCU Student Rep said it perfectly. You'll find that most teacher training courses are listed on the government apply service. If a training provider is asking you to apply directly to them, then find out more about their application process. You'll find, in most cases, the registration process on their website is merely to get more information about you and send you relevant information. You will then most likely be signposted to the GOV Apply service. If you do a search on the GOV Apply website, you'll see that they are actually listed there when you search for Ambition Institute. The list of courses may not be listed as Ambition but will be listed under their partnership Trusts that they work with, i.e. Academy Transformation Trust, Shaw Education Trust, etc. etc.

Also, as mentioned in this thread, you can get an adviser to help and support you with your application and lastly, no, it doesn't matter which training provider you apply to, you will be entitled to support as an ECT (Early Career Teacher) once you have successfully finished teacher training and started your first teaching post.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,


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