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PGCE Primary interview tips and ideas

I have an interview for a primary school SCITT course this week and one of the tasks I have to prepare in advance is that I need to bring a copy of my favourite book for young children (up to 11 years old). I have to explain why I chose the book and why I enjoyed reading it, as well as considering the importance of reading for primary age children.

I have chosen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it was legitimately my favourite book growing up and the first novel that I can remember reading fully as a child. My teacher training advisor said one thing I could do is consider how I would apply the novel in a cross-curricular fashion, such as how I could use the novel to teach subjects other than English. Does anyone have any ideas how I could implement this idea or any other general ideas so I can prepare in advance?

Furthermore, if anyone has any general information about what I can do to shine on the day I would appreciate that as well. I have a lot of experience up to this point before applying: two years being on supply as a teaching assistant as well as three years before that as a TEFL teacher in China working with kindergarten aged children. So obviously I plan to talk as much as possible about those experiences.

But any other advice from people who have been accepted onto training courses, I would very much appreciate any insight or tips that could help me out because this is the course that I want more than the others.

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