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requirements to enrol into this university or would it depend on the course
I do btec and was considering on studying psychology
my predicted grades are a D D M
i understand that D D D is needed but I am confident that I will achieve this grade
the gcse entry requirements are a 5 in English language or English literature which I have obtained next it states that a 5 is needed either in maths gcse or biology and so on I am currently resitting for this

my gcse grades are not entirely good due to some issues that took place it does sure a significant amount of 2 and 3s
for english literature I received a 5
English language- 4
science- 2-2
maths: I am currently resitting
do you think there maybe a chance or would my application be disregarded
and i appear to be a widening access student, although I do not know exactly what that may mean

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