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Hi, I am an S6 pupil in Scotland applying for university this year. I have achieved 7 As at National 5, and 5 As at Higher including maths, physics, chemistry and biology. This year I am studying Chemistry and Physics at Advanced Higher and a level 7 30 credit Open University course in economics. I love both physics and chemistry and intend to do modules from both subjects in my first year. I am basically wondering whether I should apply for physics or chemistry at St Andrews. I'm aware that not having AH Maths probably makes me less competitive for physics (my school tends to struggle with advanced higher maths and periods for all advanced higher teaching have been cut this year at my school so I thought I'd give it a miss). Chemistry has AAAAB as its entry requirement whereas physics has AAAA so I was wondering if the higher entry requirement was indicative of the course being more competitive. My personal statement is very rich in experience within the physical sciences (possibly slightly more physics leaning but still would suit both). What should I apply for to maximise my chances of getting an offer? Thanks :smile:
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